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Welcome to our Photo page.

Click on any of the pictures shown for a larger view.

  Try this in a float tube or pontoon Boat!!!



As these pictures show, our boats easily fit in the back of a small pickup.





All of our boats come unfinished with the beautiful natural look of the Okoume plywood. If you choose, your boat can be finished with a very durable epoxy wood finish. The addition of fiberglass on the bottom, chines and sides adds incredible durability to the out side of your boat. If you like, a non-skid coating can be applied to the interior. Once the outside of the boat is covered with fiberglass and the interior is epoxied, you can apply varnish for a beautiful natural look or paint it your favorite color.

The above interior views show the bow and stern storage compartments.



              Starting out with Spruce Chines          Trimming up                                     Attaching the side Panels


                                        Trimming the side panels                          Attaching the bottom


                                        Ready to start the interior work                 Bow interior work


                                                                                         Applying the Mahogany Rub Rails


As you can see from these pictures, each of our boats are hand built using the finest craftsmanship and finishes available.


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